Computerdokter repair service

The computerdokter aan huis is rated highly as one of the first and therefore one of the most experienced experts for Windows and Apple computers in the The Hague area.. Since we started in 1992, numerous ex-pats, company’s, embassies, foundations and others have appreciated our services. Unfortunately there are quite a few company’s in this business that operate in a less professional way. This is why you choose computerdokter aan huis: the Reliable Experts Since 1992.

We will repair your computer always preserving your data files*.

Your Windows or Apple computer, internet connection or network up and running again within the blink of an eye. No fuss, instant service, no confusion caused by cabels/connections. Repairs on location. Only when this is not feasible for whatever reason, whe will take your computer to our workshop where it will be fixed within 3 days (mon-sat)* Needless to say your computer will be reconnected when we deliver it to your house or business and we will provide you with advice, tips & trics to avoid trouble in the future.

We specialized in data recovery

We are able to recover almost all data files that were accidentally lost or erased*. In the process we will give advice on how to make sure that no data files can be lost at minimal cost. We also provide instruction-sessions for you and/or your employees.

We remove virusses and spyware

Virusses, spyware and other harmful software or code will be carefully removed from your computer, making sure your data files remain untouched. We use reliable and approved anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions as well as professional forensic tools. In doing so, we make sure your data is recovered and your computer will stay ‘clean’.

We make our knowlegde available to you

We have extensive and deep knowledge of hard- and software and we are happy to share this with you when you consider upgrading your computer(systems) economically, buying a new PC and/or suitable peripherals/accessories or setting up a (wireless) network.

We sell all A-brands hard- and software (but not in a shop)

As we do not have a traditional shop, we focus on tailormade solutions delivered at your home or company. In doing so, our ICT-solutions benefit from an almost forgotten attention to detail and a sincere interest in your wishes and needs. Everything you ordered will be set-up and connected professionally and handed over to you in perfect running order with the latest drivers and updates.

We use high-quality hard- and software only

(Down)time is money. So we try to minimise the hassle caused by warranty claims and to maximise the reliability of your computer systems. Therefore we promote the use of tried and tested Top-brands. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong or does not run smoothly, you can rely on our impeccable after-sales support.

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